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MtJm Center* 

J N Aft nooty &+ 




Thomas Carr Howe 


4900 Julian Avenue 

Indianapolis, IN 46201 


T.C. Howe's 

My-Lan Le 


BJ Chandler 

Bryonne Jones 

Eboni Collins & Jason Adams not pictured 

Yearbook Staff 

Working on this year's Hilltopper has been a lot of hard work and a lot of difficult 
decisions mixed with a lot of fun. We hope you enjoy the way that we have captured some 
of the greatest moments of the 2003-2004 school year. May this be one of the best years 
you remember! 

T.C. Howe's Yearbook Staff 


Tea mwor ifi 

High School 

1 Oth grade 

9th grade 

Middle School 

8th grade 
7th grade 
6th grade 

ommitmGnt f? ^ 


■■■ _ _ .. 

I M II m^w mm 


Clubs, Groups, & Academic Teams 




(n.) 1 . cooperative or coordinated effort by 
a group of persons acting together as a 
team or for a common cause, 2. work done 
with a team 

Classes get 

harder and 

teachers get 

they are 

High school life is very different from middle school life as many students now know. 
Classes get harder and teachers get tougher, but high school students still have fun 
hanging out with friends. Out of all the activities to do in high school, sports and clubs 
are among the favorites. Even between all the events the teachers put together; the 
dances and the field trips; everyone is still here to learn and succeed in order to go 
onto something bigger and better. The next few years TCHA's first group of high school 
students have together will be the best and most productive years yet. Good luck to all 

of the high school students. You are all almost there! 


Jherron Allen 
Samanthea Allen 
Alejandra Alvarez 
David Asa 
Brittany Ball 
Shaleana Benson 
Keandra Bluitt 

Elizabeth Boling 
Danielle Boulais 
Frank Briant 
Vincent Bryant 
Thomas Caluza 
Heather Campbell 
Devin Carrillo 

Sheena Carter 
Shane Cheek 
Kevin Cherry 
Clayton Clark 
Timothy Clark 
Kyle Corbett 
Robert Creech 

Corey Crockett 
Julene Cunningham 
Kadijah Danner 
Jacqueline Dennis 
Melissa Dennis 
Ashley Faulkner 
Ryan Fields 

Gershen Gebrekidan 
Hope Cough 
John Brandon Hale 
Chanel Haley 
Sommer Hall 
Keianna Hampton 
Rachel Hardy 

Montez Harrison 
Aaron Hayden 
Jami Hayes 
Shenetta Hazzard 
Katherine Henderson 
Porche Holder 
Tony Holland 

Justin Holman 
Tosha Howard 
Laneesa Jackson 
Stefon Jackson 
Daniel Jeffries 
Patrick Johnson 
Dashawn Jones 

Di Ara Jones 
Monique Jones 
Shawnika Jordan 
Ashley Lamb 
Monica Lang 
Lisa Leehman 
Resse Locklear 


Graham Burkholder 
and Devin Carrillo 
concentrate hard 
on making their 
pinch pot method 
pottery for Mrs. 
Williams' high- 
school ceramics 
class. The pinch 
pot method is one 
of the few methods 
high-schoolers use 
in ceramics. 

Most Likely 
to be Seen 
on Comedy 

"[Making people 
laugh] is fuel for 
the soul." 

Ricardo Lopez-Fajardo 
Meagan Lucid 
Kevina Lyons 
Tiffany Martin 
Georgina Mayorga 
Alfia Mays 
Andrew McLeish 

Roy McMahon 
Katie Miller 
Maggie Miller 
Heather Morgan 
Deonnte Nixon 
Wayne Oliphant 
Chelsea Orr 

Tony Parksey 
Robert Petty 
Donald Phelps 
Robert Pherps 
Xavier Phipps 
Tiffanie Randle 
Trena Russ 

Jennifer Russell 
Brandi Sarver 
Dustin Shepherd 
Courtney Smith 
Elizabeth Smith 
Dustin Snowden 
Tiffany Spencer 

Marcella Strange 
Kimberly Tackett 
Courtney Taylor 
Jarron Taylor 
Joshua Thompson 
Misty Thompson 
Christopher Toliver 



Ashley Tramill 
Demetrika Triplett 
Kyle Trulock 
Elizabeth Wagner 
Erica Wagner 
Tyler Walters 
Doneisha Watts 


"[People like me] 
because I'm just a 
good guy, and I 
have a good 

Devin Carrillo 


10th Grade 

Personal Lessons, Medical School, and Paris 

9 Mr. Simmonds 
gives tenth grader 
Roy McMahan a 
- personal lesson in 
chemistry. Mr. 
personality and 
teaching style 
gave chemistry 
and physics an 
added appeal. 

Most Likely 
to Succeed 

"Medical school 
might be in my 
distant future. I 
either want to be a 
surgeon or go to 
Paris and study 
fashion design." 


Let's Come 

All you boys rapping, trying to be cool. 
You need to be rapping about 

staying in school. 
You like this flow right, 

you think my rap is tight. 


Well, I can rap all night. 

Come see the light. 
Well, I'm a teacher you see, 

not a wanna be. 
I worked hard for mine. Put in lots of time. 


I'm in full effect, my life is not a wreck. 
Gold on my neck. 
Get a fat check. 
I work everyday, trying to make a way. 

Yet ya want to play. 

Don't hear what I say. 
So when you're old like me, 

maybe then you'll see. 
All I tried to do, was try to help you 


lyrics compliments of 



Telisa Adams 
Joshua Adcock 
Jesse Anders 
Joey Anderson 
Curtis Andrews 
Shantell Anthony 
Julie Apostolakis 

Amanda Aughenbaugh 
Jamar Barnett 
Kevin Beikman 
Aaron Berry 
Lena Marie Bishop 
Jennifer Boger 
Ashley Bonner 

Felicia Borem 
John Bruce 
Martece Bryant 
Sylvia Bullard 
Samuel Burch 
David Burns 
Marcus Caldwell 

George Calton 
James Carrico 
Michel Carter 
Bobby Clark 
Lacandice Clark 
Kimberly Clouse 
Natasha Clouse 

Sandra Coker 
Caleb Collins 
Jeffrey Combs 
Jessie Cook 
Tiana Corbin 
Danielle Corpuz 
Samantha Rae Cowden 

9th Grade 

Freshman Biology and Making You Laugh 

Freshmen Eboni 
Collins, Mark 
Caldwell, Rashawn 
Powell, and Rachel 
Hardy work in the 
back of the room 
during biology. 
everyone else is 
taking a break. 

in "ilPn^r 

Lauren Gordon 

Most Likely to 
be Seen on 

make my friends 
and other people 


Brian Daniels 
April Davis 
Michael Davis 
Jeanette Dennis 
Kevin Diana 
Tierra Duncan 
Alexandria Dunlap 

Cameron Easley 
Julian Edwards 
Meridith Edwards 
Andre Enoch 
Ashley Ervin 
Angel Ferguson 
Shane Fischer 

Renotta Ford 
Adam Frayser 
Rian Frazier 
Ashley Glass 
Jennifer Gleaves 
Lauren Gorton 
Brenton Griffin 

Jennifer Gunn 
Kimberly Hale 
Christopher Hambrick 
Ashley Hammond 
Steven Handy 
Rosa Hargrave 
Erica Hargraves Sallee 

Mark Harrison 
Amber Henry 
Terry Hill 
Kelly Hockersmith 
Austin Howard 
James Howard 
Corey Howell 

Brittany Humphrey 
Kristan Jacobs 
Shynika Jakes 
Sara Janitz 
Stephanie Jenkins 
David Johnson 
Jessica Johnson 

Robin Lj Johnson 
Jessica Jones 
Lashawn Jordan 
Skyler King 
Sarah Kinser 
Joshua Kyner 
Jacquelyn Lacey 

Latory Landrum 
Kevin Lyons 
Brianna Maerz 
Dominique March 
Krista Marlowe 
Jon Michael Masenthin 
Albert Mason 


Tanne -Maria Mavity 
Melissa Mayorga 
Michael McBride 
Brant McDonough 
Robert McGill 
Joshua Mclntire 
Dustin McNeely 

Paul Michael 
Jonathan Mitchell 
Bradley Moore 
Angela Moorhouse 
Danielle Morgan 
Kristen Morris 
Michael Morris 

Holly Murphy 
Tara Murphy 
Jasmin Nelson 
Angel Nemesnyik 
Amber Norris 
Luis Olvera 
Ramiro Lopez Olvera 

Robert Olvey 
Stephen Palmore 
Trisha Parish 
Nicholas Parry 
Kyle Patterson 
Brittney Payne 
Kory Pearman 

Michael Pennington 
Brittany Perdue 
Walter Phillips 
James Pounds 
Re Shawn Powell 
Cory Purcell 
Jessica Ragsdale 

9th Grade 

Sopranos Sing Their Hearts Out for New York 

Rebecca Romans, 
Shanika Jakes, 
Danielle Morgan, 
Ashley Faulkner 
and Krista 
Marlowe sing their 
hearts out in Mrs. 
Rader's freshman 
choir class. All of 
these ladies are 
sopranos, the 
highest woman's 



H^L : 

"[I think I was 

voted best 

^T^ -' 


mm r i 

because the girls 

like me and I am 

from New 





Charles Randolph 
Melody Randolph 
Christopher Ratliff 


Most Likely 

T i 

to Succeed 


"Someday I 

" * f 

think I would like 

to be a pediatric 

fl kfc 


1 Mf&^MI 

* /-| **> 



<^3> ffc 

Drake Sandlin 
Derick Schilling 
Roosevelt Shaffer 
Robert Sherfick 
Erika Sherron 
Ra Cena Shively 
Ashley Smith 

Melissa Smith 
Anita Spurlock 
Michael Stevens 
Allison Stone 
Michael Story 
Timothy Straine 
John Stratton 

Rachel Sundt 
Kenneth Tarver 
Courtney Taylor 
Glenn Thacker 
Sarah Turner 
Demarcus Twyman 
Dequan Vales 

James Varner 
Kevin Vinson 
Todd Wagner 
Taisha Waller 
Emily Warren 
Quentin Watson 
Courtney Webster 

Emily Werner 
Kyairra Whitehead 
Kaylee Wilson 
Rebecca Woodcock 



Changes all 




Middle school is a crazy time between elementary and high school. Remember feeling 

lost as a sixth grader when your new school seemed astronomically large? How about 

passing notes under teachers' noses to find out if that special someone liked you back? 

And then as an eighth grader, you knew it all, right? Middle school is a time of change 

and transition. You change from being a little kid into a teenager or from thinking 

members of the opposite gender have cooties to wanting to walk hand-in-hand down 

the hall with your significant other. 




— — - 


school sfTBI 3jlfcI^*Datientlv 
waitjgfij|or the pe^^y for fall _ ^ 
sb^jIT* gin. Student 
in fallsports wen 
well as the mid 

Brad Adams 
Chelsea Alberts 
Jonathon Allen 
Elie Anthony 
Joshua Jja Anthony 
Justin Bailey 
Kaye Lani Bailey 

Jason Ball 
Monique Banks 
Herbert Barber III 
Brittany Barnes 
Cassandra Barnett 
Jordan Bartlett 
Eric Bays 

Rodney Beal 
Chasidi Bell 
Anthony Bellamy 
Dana Blow 
Aaron Bond 
Ashley Borem 
Ivan Bradburn 

Aaron Brill 
Carlton Brown 
Christine Brown 
Dominique Brown 
Helen Brown 
Jennifer Lm Brown 
Taler Brown 

Dorthy Bruce 
Chassidy Bullock 
Ashley Burkholder 
Brandon Bmc Caldwell 
Paul Callaway 
Leron Campbell 
Vanessa Carrillo 

8th Grade 

Hallway Dancing and Being Yourself 

Eight graders 
Natalie Warner, 
Collene Turner, 
and Amanda 
Gaymen are doing 
the "Cha Cha 
slide." That's not 
something that 
you would see 
every day. 
Sometimes we 
need a break from 
regular activities. 

Most Likely 
to be Seen 
on Comedy 

"I am always just 
being myself [when 
I'm being funny], 
and people just like 


Lutasha Case 
Staci Cash 
Philip Ad Certain 
William Chandler 
Latosha Chaney 
Kenneth Clark 
Laura Nicole Clayton 

Jacob Cline 
Anthony Coffer 
Dionna Coffer 
Ashley Collins 
Christopher Coombs 
Thomas Costomiris 
Joshua Cox 

Melanie Cox 

Melinda Cox 

Mindy Cox 

Michael Lawrence Crandal 

Darrill Cummings 

Ryan Cunningham 

Byron Daniels 

Staci Dartis 
Ashlee Davis 
Ladell Davis 
London Davis 
Jason Delacruz 
Matthew Demmary 
Kaleb Denny 

Ronnie Denny 
Bryan Dillow 
Deandre Dixon 
Tiffany Doran 
Bryan Doss 
Jordan Dumes 
Kristy Duncan 

Eliott Emery 
Amanda Sue Evans 
Kevin Evans 
Richard Farmer 
Victoria S. Farmer 
Brianna Finney 
Steven Fisher 

Aaron Flemming 
Darion Flowers 
Nigel Foreman 
Jordan Gallagher 
Anthony Gann 
Brianna Garland 
Amanda Gayman 

Brittany Gilbert 

April Glass 

Randy Godfrey 

Brian Gonzalez 

Mia Goodner 

James Chadwick Goolsby 

Jeremiah Graves 


Bryant Green 
Corey Green 
Hines Green 
Christopher Griffin 
Landis Grooms 
Kimberly Hacker 
Nicholas Hall 

Yaquawnda Hall 
Heather Hamilton 
Jamaar Hamilton 
Megan Hamilton 
Zachary Hammonds 
Jewel Hampton 
Cameron Hansen 

Shada Hardeman 
Gary Harrell 
Montesz Hart 
Keith Harvey 
Kyle Harvey 
Beth Hawkins 
Jamie Hawkins 

Cecily Hazan 
Lakeshia Henderson 
Candace Hendrickson 
Amber Hill 
Erynne Hill 
Phylleshia Erin Hollins 
Sara Houin 

Dominique Huggins 
David Hyde 
Brian Inabnitt 
Lacey Ingram 
Shanice Jackson 
Anastasyia Jacobs 
Robert Jacobs 

Kody Jamison 
Megan Brittany Jeffers 
Dorian Jenkins 
Jasmine Jiles 
Craig Johnson 
Frank Johnson 
Airlia Jones 

Christopher Jones 
De Argo Jones 
Jamian Jordan 
Lakeisha Jordan 
Patrick Judge 
Kejuana Kendrick 
Whitney Rene Kendrick 

Andrea King 
Dominique King 
Troy Landrum 
Jamie Lane 
Cynthia Lankford 
Katie Leachman 
Pasia Lee 



Sara Lego 
Steven Lego 
Nicholas Lewis 
Nicole Lewis 
James Lloyd 
Joshua Long 
Jonathan Loux 


li < 





Arnell Lyles 
Virginia Maddox 
Jennifer Mann 
Lamont Mayfield 
Derria Mays 
Kristin McAtee 
Keithen McCuiston 

Dominick McDowell 
Eric McLeish 
Rosa McMiller 
Kayla Medlin 
Christopher Mellis 
Dylan Messer 
Brett Miller 

Marcus Miller 
Roberta Minor-Hardy 
Tiana Mitchell 
Bryan Mitchum 
Tarial Moncrief 
Griselda Morales 
Jazmyn Morrow 

Ian Munz 
Rickie Murphy 
Edward Neat 
Christina Nevers 
Brooke Newbolt 
Michael Nichols 
Chrislynn Nickens 

Most Likely 
to Succeed 

The 8 th graders 
Mellion Carroll, 
Marcus Taylor, 
George Woodson, 
Jonna Pruitt, 
Melanie Cox, and 
Heather Stone are 
sitting and talking 
while Mr. Spencer 
is trying to teach a 

'i'm not sure what 
I want to do in the 
future yet, but 
know it will be 
something in 


Tabatha Nieten 
Teaira Norris 
Steven Oakes 
Darius Oglesby 
Kathleen Oliphant 
Brian Palmer 
Isaiah Pannell 

Toria Parham 
Christopher Parry 
Thomas Parry 
Megan Patterson 
Adrian Payne 
Brittney Pepper 
Justin Piland 

Tehrell Porter 
Samantha Pounds 
Thomas Pounds 
Tyrese Powers-Ivey 
Tyrone Powers-Ivey 
Sierra Price 
Josh Pritchard 

Lucy Proffitt 
Johnna Pruitt 
Jonathan Pulliam 
Kelsey Pyron 
Taneisha Randle 
Sharee Rayford 
Alexandra Reeves 

Samantha Rhoton 
Sarah Richmond 
Ashley Ridley 
Jennifer Rivas 
Champane Robinson 
Tierra Robinson 
Zachary Rogers 

Lilly Salas 
Lynda Sam 
Carisa Sammons 
Latosha Sargent 
Robert Shelton 
Brittney Shepherd 
Paul Shipp 

Mohammed Siddeeq 
Christian Slider 
Ashley Smith 
Terrell Smith 
Amy Spangler 
Benjamin Speicher 
Shayna K.M. Spurrier 

Emily Stacey 
Audres E. Stone 
Carrington Taylor 
Dominique Taylor 
Donishea Taylor 
Marcus Taylor 
Shana Terhune 




"I think I have 
been voted best 
because I have a 
positive outlook on 
life, and I treat 
everyone fairly. " 

Antia Thames 
Andy Theus 
Amber Thomas 
Craig Thomas 
Cynthia Thomas 
Ivy Thomas 
Theadola Thomas 

Savanna Thompson 
Cheye Nn Tinnin 
Timothy Tompkins 
Johnathan Torrence 
Michael Turentine 
Collene Turner 
Jocelyn Tutson 

Britiany Tyler 
Victor Varela 
Catherine Vasquez 
Fredrick Vaulx 
Adilene Velez 
Stephen Walker 
Talya Walker 

Catlynne Wallace 
Daris Wallace 
Natalie Warner 
Carol-Ann Watson 
Marcus Watts 
Kevin Lynn Welch 
Shelley Welch 

Vivian Wells 
Douglas Werner 
Dalan Wickizer 
Kala Williams 
Shaneece Williams 
Whitney Williams 
Kaleb Willis 


She Shea Wilson 
Brittany Wright 
Danika Wright 
Lauren Zak 



Let's Come 

-■;-.» " ■ " ;" -%%)?■ ■ v ;,e;-" ,| ; " ,.;'■ ■ ■ 

: ■ "■■;■:■';■ 


Si' ■ 
f ■'■■ ' 

Reach for success and try to be the best. 
So learn what I teach 

and maybe you will reach. 
Up to the sky and there's no wonder why 

because you did it right. 

You knew school was tight. 

So now this rap must end where it first 


If you want to do, 

you need to stay in school. 


T.C. Howe can be the best if 
all our students would pass the test. 
So study hard and study long. 

And never will we go wrong. 
Our scores so high, you will see. 

We'll go down in history. 

As one that's better than all the rest. 
The fattest school in IPS. 


lyrics compliments of 
Mr.S. Powell 


Lenzie Anderson 
Ladora Andrews 
Patrice Anthony 
Jason Apostolakis 
Michelle Armour 
Tabatha Ayala 
Ashley Bailey 

Crystal Baker 
Deondrey Barnett 
Christy Barngrover 
Jessica Batana 
Angela Bates 
Pashae Renae Beech 
Darnelle Bell 

Justin Bell 
Dexter Bennett 
Stacey Bentley 
Andrew Bernethy 
Melissa Berry 
Mia Berry 
Roy Berry 

Sean Bishop 
Angel Borneman 
Denise Bradshaw 
Tonrea Breaziel 
Jasmine Bridges 
Tanika Brown 
Terrell Brown 

Tommie Chester Brownlee 
David Brumley 
Ricky Brett Burnett 
Jasmine Canady 
Aloric Carson 
Channing Carson 
Belinda Carter 

Joshua Charron 
Jhanel Chisolm 
Kristina Cicenas 
Keisha Clanton 
Tamieka Clark 
Keyondra Coe 
Rosemary Coker 

Jasmine Coles 
Patrick Collins-Barnett 
Megan Cook 
Steven Cook 
Krista Corbett 
Juan Coronado 
Neal Covington 

Jenna Crockett 
Jameel Cross 
Tammy Crouch 
Brandon Cunningham 
Jasmine Cunningham 
Joilyne Daniels 
Joycelyne Daniels 


Most Likely 
to be Seen 
on Comedy 

"I like to make 
people laugh 
because it is fun, 
and 1 enjoy it." 


pa Mpba rbeu 

Mathew Davis 
Angel Delafuente 
Ronnesha Denny 
Jamie Denton 
Anthony Deskins 
Chloe S.E. Dietz 
Ashley Diggs 

Shawntay Dillard 
Angela Dodd 
Joseph Doody 
Stanyell Duerson 
Jessica Ann Mich Dunz 
Kristina Dyer 
Cheryl Eastman 

Ortney Edwards 
Isaiah Elliott 
Christopher Ellis 
Amy Engle 
Angela Engle 
Shaila Ervin 
Christopher Fishburn 

Adrian Flemming 
Adam Floerke 
James Flora 
Sherry Folsom 
Robert Fox 
Kya France 
Raymond France 

John Frazier 
Matthew Gamble 
Alyssa Games 
Breanna Gibson 
Demarland Giles 
Kayla Gilmour 
Brittany Glenn 


Toni Golightly 
Calleton Gonsalez 
Andrew Gough 
Jasmine Gray 
Adrian Green 
Cameron Green 
Joshua Green 

Ashley Gross 
Dontez Hale 
John Hale 
Antwan Hall 
Matthew Hamilton 
Adrian Hampton 
Felicia Hargrave 

Jae-Nikqua Harrison 
Dexter Harvey 
Brea Haskins 
Teri Hatchett 
Jasmine Haywood 
Sarah Helfgott 
Tyrell Herron 

Jessica High 
Kyle Hill 
Lindsae Hiser 
Lisa Gail Hitchcock 
Felicia Hogston 
Byron Hoke 
Matthew Hoke 

Kyle Hole 
Leah Hole 
Wayne Holland 
Sarah Horn 
Ronald Horsley 
Jessica Hughes 
Denicia Hull 

Isaiah Jackson 
Jeremy Jackson 
Kiara Jacobs 
Glenn Jefferson 
Anthony Johnson 
Antwun Johnson 
Brandon Johnson 

Brieanna Johnson 
Montez Johnson 
Terrell Johnson 
Bobby Jones 
Brittney Jones 
Bryonne Jones 
Tammy Jones 

Seth Julian 
Aaron Kamp 
Danyell Kennedy 
China King 
Brandy Kleeman 
Marcus Laderson 
Camisha Lawrence 


7th Grade 

Hanging Around and Goofing Off is All About You 

My-Lan Le and 
Shauna Rutan 
squeeze an 
Ortney Edwards 
between them. 
Many students 
enjoyed hanging 
out and goofing 
around with 


"What makes me 
someone people 
want to know? 
Everything about 

Jack Layton 
My-Lan Le 
Tiesha Lee 
Gilberto Leija 
Joshua Light 
Christopher Locander 
Steven Lockhart 

Sarah Lozada 
Meghan Martin 
Maurice Martinez 
Kendra Mason 
Arthur McClellan 
Anthony McClennon 
David McCoy 

Heather McDaniel 
Michael McDaniel 
Nicholas McGuire 
Elisa McKinney 
Jermas McNeal 
Christopher Metzner 
Kayla Mielke 

Marissa Miller 
Ronisha Miller 
Marquis Minor 
Brandon Mitchell 
Payge Montgomery 
Sabrina Moore 
Megan Morgan 

Regina Morris 
Antwain Mosley 
Shauna Neal 
Kara Nichols 
Bobby Nolan 
Jennifer Nugent 
Devan Owens 


Kevin Peete 
Kyria Pence 
Andrew Pennington 
Timothy Perkins 
Rita Perry 
Ryan Phelps 
Keona Polk 

KC Poynter 
Satouris Price 
James Pritchett 
Amber Pruett 
Sherman Pruitt 
Kenneth Purvis 
Aaron Ragsdale 

Colin Rhodes 
Brittany Rice 
Brandon Richardson 
Jabree Richardson 
Justin Riggs 
Porcha Robinson 
Sidney Rogers 

Efren Romo 
Shauna Rutan 
Victor Rybolt 
Jamie Sammons 
Iesha Sanders 
Aaron Sands 
Joshua Schilling 

David Schlenker 
April Self 
Anthony Shannon 
Josh Sheilds 
Samantha Simmons 
Sharee Simms 
Starla Simpson 

Richard Snyder 
Kyle Spivey 
Tamara Stephens 
Salem Stevenson 
Mellisa Stewart 
Aaron Stone 
Jerry Stover 

Selina Stump 
Scott Sullivan 
Eric Taylor 
Mariah Taylor 
Brandon Teague 
Marqueis Thomas 
James Totten 

Donwan Townsley 
Jazmine Trammel] 
Sylvester Truitt 
Ashley Tucker 
Iesha Tyler 
Miesha Tyler 
Robert Underwood 


Kashia Vales 
Kayla Vales 
Yamilett Velez 
Jordan Venis 
Johnny Viverette 
Tyler Wagner 
Vince Walden 

Kami Walker 
James Wallace 
David Waller 
Brandi Ward 
Richard Warren 
Clintin Watson 
Jessica Weaver 

Erston White 
Patrick White 
Myles Whitley 
Kristina Whitlow 
Britteny Williams 
James Williams 
Kim Williams 

Kimae Williams 
Linda Williams 
Tia Williams 
Donnie Wilson 
Edward Wilson 
Franklin Wilson 
Kevona Wilson 

Stacey Wilson 
Jazzie Winters 
Jessie Woodcock 
Arshiuna Woods 

7th Grade 

Clowning Around and Climbing the Corporate Ladder 

Nick (Richard) 
Warren, seventh 
grader, is clowning 
around during an 
outting in Mr. 
Sefton's science 
class. The outting 
was designed to 
teach measuring 
with the metric 
system through 
hitting baseballs. 

Most Likely 
to Succeed 

"Over the years, I 
hope to climb the 
corporate ladder to 
a CEO or partner 
position. Along 
the line, 1 hope to 
get married. When 
I turn 45, 1 will 
retire... [then] start 
my own business." 


Let's Come 


On the east side in brown and gold. 
The greatest story ever told. 
So go to class, don't hesitate, 

you'll need a pass if you are late. 





% CRT 


With pencil and paper ready to learn. 
Your education, 

your only concern. 
And to all the teachers. A word to you 


Educate the children, we must do. 

A job that's hard every day. 
The only way, 

we must pray. 

From the windows 

to the walls. 
All for one 

and one for all. 


lyrics compliments of 

Mr.S. Powell 


Jason Adams 
Bobby Alexander 
Jasmine Allen 
Tokomis Allen 
Charlene Anders 
Bryce Anderson 
Travis Arieon 

Jeffrey Armour 
Oliver Armour 
Raymond Armstron 
Tony Arlington 
Tashha Baker 
Emily Balay 
Damion Banks 

Elizabeth Barnett 
Matthew Beal 
Michael Bell 
Jordon Blackmon 
Jerome Bowden 
Audris Bradford 
Carly Bradshaw 

Tonio Breaziel 
Terence D.A. Bridgewater 
Demetrius Brown 
Janel Cm Brown 
Scarlett Bruce 
Demetrius Buntin 
Jane Burt 

Crystal Burton 
Tyler Bush 
Catherine Callahan 
Lyndsay Carnes 
Perris Carr 
Lashona Carroll 
Jarron Carter 

"I like to make 
people laugh 
because it helps me 
make friends faster, 
don't know why I 
am funny. I just 


Megan Carver 
Jessica Caudill 
Sandra Ceballos 
Disarae Chappell 
Michael Charron 
April Clark 
Christopher Clark 

Johnathon Clark 
Holly Cline 
Duslin Coar 
Deandrew Coats 
Icees Coe 
Tracy Coe 
Shaniece Cole 

Trey Collins 
Braden Conger 
Cory Conner 
Kiara Corbin 
Travis Costa 
Clayton Cowans 
Shawn Creech 

Tonya Crouch 
Joseph Crowe 
Andrew Cunningham 
Logan Dailey 
Ernest Daniels 
Alyssa Davis 
Eon Davis 

Gary Davis 
Keith Davis 
Tyesha Davis 
Shannon Decker 
Dominic Degraphenreed 
Selene Diaz 
Terrance Dillard 

Peter Divine 
Cedric Dixon 
Kayla Doss 
Roy Doss 
Antawon Douglas 
Biatha Douglass 
Xavier Dumas 

Jordan Dunz 
Otis Duskin 
Robin Earls 
Kent Edwards 
Daniel Elliott 
Nicholas Ellis 
Michelle Ficklin 

Candace Flarida 
Brian Flemming 
Olivia Foreman 
Summer Foster 
Kimberly Fox 
Tamika Freeman 
Victoria Fuller 



Michael Gaither 
Emilee Games 
Ana Alma Garcia 
Jennifer Garrett 
Jessica Gilbet 
Brittany Gilliam 
Bryant Glenn 

Abner Gomez 
Jose Gonzalez 
Caleb Gore 
Kathleen Graves 
Jorden Green 
Kyndal Greig 
Nathaniel Grimes 

Deletrie Gross 
John Hacker 
Felicia Hall 
Monet Hall 
Andre Hampton 
Christopher Handy 
Tyler Harkins 

Morice Harney 
Mariesha Harris 
Robin Harris 
Shannequa Haywood 
Shanahan Hdlingsworth 
Sharae Hewitt 
D' Andre Hicks 

Breanna Hinesley 
William Hodges 
James Holder 
Angelica Hopson 
Loretta Howard 
Robert Howell 
Douglas Hubbard 

Mathew Hubbard 
Ashley Hughett 
Alex Hunt 
Pashay Ice 
Tywon Ivey 
Guy Jackson 
Jakia Jackson 

Denetria James 
Megan Janitz 
Darian Johnson 
Dedric Johnson 
Don Johnson 
Ebonie Johnson 
Kentrail Joiner 

Amanda Jones 
Jessica Jones 
Tykece Jones 
Brandon Jordan 
Jalin Jordan 
Terry Jordan 
Steven L.M. Kaba 


want to be a 
basketball player or 
maybe a beautician 
or hairdresser." 

Hannah Kelly 
Jeffrey Kent 
Asia King 
Melissa King 
Joshua Klinglesmith 
Ijeoma Knight 
Bradley Koehler 

Casey Koehler 

Mollie Koehler 

Dacia Lacey 

Johnathan Kennet Lamaster 

Seth Laymon 

Brent Lee 

Tenaya Lee 

Brittany Legan 
Donna Lenz 
Rushion Lindsey 
Mitchell Litchford 
Alan Maldonado 
Simmie Malone 
Jordan Manuel 

Kaitlyn Maple 
Jennifer Marlowe 
Carlos Martinez 
Chantel Massey 
Deobolique Mavity 
Jasmine Maye 
Dawnn Mays 

Walter Lee Mays 
Matthew McClary 
Amber McCullah 
Kelli McGee 
Eddie McGill 
Justin Mclntire 
Andrew McQuinn 


Corey Medlin 
Leeanna Meulen 
Shawnise Middleton 
Philip Mitchell 
Angela Montgomery 
Kenneth Morris 
Roneta Morris 

Ronnie Morris 
Lana Mumford 
Megan Murff 
Jeffrey Murray 
Lori Naylor 
Amanda Neal 
Ronald Nevers 

Heather Norman 
Heather Olsen 
Darran Owens 
Louis Owens 
Christopher Palmore 
Tara Paradysz 
Cody A. Parry 

Dajon Parson 
Tina Patrick 
Rinecia Payne 
Brandon Perkins 
Brandon Phillips 
Alexandria Piers 
Ronald Piers 

Victoria Pina 
Amber Plough 
April Poole 
Tevin Porter 
Jasmyn Powell 
Steven Prewitt 
Jamira Pritchett 

Ed Drein Proctor 
John Proctor 
Chad Pruett 
Kyle Pruett 
Chelsey Rhinehart 
Mark Rhodes 
Amanda Richmond 

Thomas Rivers 
Howell Robert 
Shanta Robinson 
Cody Rogers 
Corey Rogers 
Dustin Rogers 
Sabrina Royer 

Donovan Russell 
Joshua Sammons 
Kenyon Sanders 
Shanika Sanders 
Jessica Sands 
Alex Sarellano 
Pamela Scott 


John Shaw 
Byron Sheffield 
Dennis Sherfick 
Christopher Sheridan 
Marcus Shields 
Joshua Sims 
Raven Sloan 

Brandon Smith 
Chri Shon Smith 
Christopher Smith 
Jamie Smith 
Carol Snyder 
Darryl Spears 
Travis Spears 

Dustin Spellman 
Corey Springer 
Frank Spurloek 
Jessica Stephens 
Shyiane Stepp 
Mesheke Stone 
Cristin Suggs 

Adonis Taylor 
Dennis Taylor 
Iesha Taylor 
Montez Taylor 
Tabitha Taylor 
Whitley Taylor 
Kyla Teckenbrock 

Donald Tener 
Gabrielle Thein 
Anthony Thomas 
Donovan Zak Thomas 
Darron Tichenor 
Cory Tinnin 
Sparkle Toney 

"I try to help, 
understand, and be 
kind to everyone I 
meet, and I don't 
hold grudges. My 
and easy-going 
personality make 
people want to 
know me." 


Ashlie Traylor 
Monika Trice 
Anthony Tucker 
Kiyon Twyman 
Jose Varela 
Cory Vaughn 
Kendrick Vaulx 

Nicholas Viera 
Shawn Walker 
Jasmine Washington 
Richard Watkins 
Jessica Watson 
Joey Watson 
Kevin Watts 

Mavrick Watts 
Daimien Weems 
Kelley West 
Lee White 
Tiffany White 
Kishia Willard 
Brittany Williams 

Kara Williams 
Khaleeq Williams 
Malcolm Williams 
Porscha Williams 
Siera Wilson 
Harper Wolf-Bennett 
Charisse Woods 

Shatosha Woods 
Michael Woolen 
Brandon Wortham 
Dejuan Worthen 
Jelani Wright 
Felecia Yanez 



Faculty & 

Running a school takes more than meets 
the eye. It takes people who are willing 
to answer phones, cook, clean, listen to 
parents and students, teach, and make 
sure that every day at Howe is a safe and 
productive day. While some of these 
people were seen or recognized more 
often at T. C. H. A., all of them helped 
make the 2003-2004 school year a 

T. C. Howe's Administrators: Mr Wilson. 
Mr. Suggs, Dr. Williams, Dean Barlowe, Mr. 

Seybert, and Mr. Takacs, Principal 

T. C. Howe's Guidance Office: Ms. 

Daugherty, Mr. Sirmin. Mrs. Bugbee. Mr. Cook, 
Ms. Maudlin, Ms. Lipschulz. and Mr Walker 

T. C. Howe's Office Staff: Mrs. Fee, Mrs. 
Garrett, Mrs. Powell, and Mrs. Patterson 

... 2§ 

Ms. Satterblom enjoys a quiet moment in her 
office away from the hustle and bustle of the 


Christopher Abbe 
Lon Amstutz 
Dean Debra Barlowe 
Jamie Beringer 
James Brown 
Marge Bugbee 

S. Byerly 
John Camden 
J. Carlini 
J. Cotter 

Joanna Covington 
J. Curtis 

Kent Dickey 
Gary Dodd 
Janice Edmonds 
Judy Fee 
Stephanie Gray 
Don Guerrettaz 

Debbie Haines 
Sheila Hole 
Bryan Householder 
Steve Ives 
Linda Jessee 
J. Koenig 

Jeff Leistner 
Leslie Martin 
Patt Maudlin 
Stephanie Mayfield 
Jennifer McCoy 
Luci McMahon 

J. Milenbaugh 
Amy Mugg 
Barbara Page 
Lisa Patterson 
S. Perkins 
Mel Pfeiffer 

Debra Phelps 
Erika Powell 
Marilyn Rader 
Dick Ramey 
Donnie Ramsey 
Matt Riley 



Cafeteria Staff 

Erma Robbins 
Carol Robinson 
Marilyn Salmins 
Nick Sefton 
Paula Semmes 
J. Seybert 

E. Sheroan 
P. Shultz 
Scott Simmonds 
J. Sirmin 
M. Spencer 
Kevin Staple 

D. Steele 

Jeff Strange 

J. Takacs 

Pete Teagarden I 

Daemon Thompson 

Tynisha Tyler 

Melissa Vanlue 
Larry Walker 
Erin Walter 
Matthew Whiteman 
Amy Williams 
Debra Williams 

Danny Wilson 
Gladys Womack 


School Police: Seargant Sheroan, Officer Brunsting, and Officer Perkins 

Media Specialists & Magnet Coordinator: Mr. Ramey, Mrs. Robbins, and Mr. Amstutz 


Ms. Loyal and Ernie 

■.ia":.J — 'iii~"H*-i-. — : ■ jiup^ 

Technology Staff: 

Mrs. Milenbaugh and 
Mrs. Schultz 



(n.) 1. the act of committing, pledging, or 
engaging oneself especially for a particular 
purpose, person, or cause 




HbWE HOWE ! '"' f H ^'^ 

3t SA«0iw8i*."^J2? 




Soccer and Tennis 



Cross Country and Golf 

rairick iirunntr 




Baseball and Softball 

Boys' Basketball 

Km 1 ffi 1 tt 




Girls' Basketball 



Fall Cheerleaders 



Winter Cheerleaders 



(n.) 1. high public esteem; fame; glory, 2. 
honesty or integrity in one's belief and 
actions, 3. a source of credit or distinction, 
4. high respect 



National Honor Society 
& Student Government 


National Junior Honor Society 

& F. A. S. T. 



Brain Game 
& French Club 






& Drama 




High School & Middle School 

Spell Bowl 


Adventure Club 


High School & Middle School 
Academic Super Bowl 


Band & 
Pep Band 


High School & Middle School 



Holiday Concert 
Choir & Band 



(n.) 1. something accomplished, as by 
superior ability, special effort, or greater